Current Members

Gemma Reguera

Principal Investigator
Professor | Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs and Developement
(517) 884 5401

I have a broad research background in applied and environmental microbiology, with research projects spanning human, terrestrial, and anthropogenic environments. Since joining Michigan State University in 2006, I have led seminal studies to describe the electric nature of metal-reducing microbes, their role in biomineralization, and biotechnological applications. Projects in the lab also focus on human-associated microbiomes, microbiomes influencing agrochemical mobility, and microbial-based materials for building applications in the climate economy. I was elected to fellowship in the American Academy of Microbiology in 2019 and serve since 2021 as Editor in Chief of Applied and Environmental Microbiology. I am also the recipient of the 2022 ASM Alice C. Evans Award for my contributions to the full participation and advancement of women in the microbial sciences.

Morgen Clark

Ph.D. candidate | Metal detoxification

I am a PhD graduate student in the department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics and the Environmental and Integrative Toxicological Sciences (EITS) program. My research investigates how electric microbes detoxify metal contaminants and exploits this knowledge to develop biomimetic platforms for bioremediation applications. I am also involved and serve as an undergraduate mentor in the MSU chapter of the Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) organization.

Hunter Dulay

Ph.D. candidate | Cobalt biomineralization
Co-mentored with Dr. Kaz Kashefi

I study how electric microbes mineralize cobalt and how these activities impact cobamide-dependent microbiomes. Outside of the lab, I am active in science communication as a writer for SciWorthy, a leader in Science Debate, and an active volunteer for local science outreach events.

Emily Greeson

Postdoctoral fellow | Living wood

I am applying synthetic biology to develop microbial fillers that increase the mechanical strength of undervalued wood species and promote carbon sequestration and self-healing of building materials.

Marcela Tabares

Ph.D. candidate | Agrochemical remediation

I am a double major in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics and the Environmental Science and Policy Program (ESPP) at Michigan State. I study the microbial communities that drive agrochemical (nutrients and pesticides) in natural and agricultural ecosystems. I also work with cooperating growers to scale up bioreactors for the cost-effective treatment of agricultural run-offs and recycling of water.

Emma Boismier

BMS rotation student | Living wood

I am a graduate student in the Biomolecular Science (BMS) program at Michigan State University, looking for a Ph.D. lab in the department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. My research rotation in the Reguera lab seeks to develop synthetic tools to engineer carbon sequestration pathways in bacteria that can be used as enhanced fillers for wood materials.

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Graduate students & Postdocs

Santiago Hernandez Villamizar – Ph.D. visiting student (Jan-Jul 2022)
Kristin Jacobs – Ph.D. (Feb 2022)
Joo-Young Lee – Postdoc (Aug 2017–Oct 2020)
Oona Snoeyenbos-West – Postdoc (Sep 2018–Jul 2019)
Krista Cosert – Ph.D. (Jun 2018)
Becky Steidl – Ph.D. (Aug 2015; postdoc, Dec 2017)
Bhushan Awate – Postdoc (May 2014–Aug 2017)
Mike Manzella – Ph.D. (Aug 2017) 
Clara Corbella – Visiting scientist (Apr 2015–Sep 2015)
Martha Vives – Visiting Professor (Jun 2013)
Allison Speers – Ph.D. (Aug 2012); Postdoc (Aug 2013)
Sanela Lampa-Pastirk – Postdoc (Jul 2009–Apr 2013)
Dena Cologgi – Ph.D. (Aug 2012)
Jenna Young – Ph.D. (Aug 2012)
Ana Catalina Lara – Visiting scientist (Oct 2010–April 2011)
Bryan Schindler – Postdoc (Jun–Dec 2011)
Jihwan Hwang – Postdoc (Sep 2010–Apr 2011)
Pablo Gutierrez – Visiting scientist (May–Aug 2008)


Emma Boismier – MMG undergraduate researcher (Jan 2021–May 2022)
Mariam Charles – MMG undergraduate researcher (Aug 2008–May 2020)
Hugh Mccullough – Undergraduate researcher (Jan–May 2018)
Joshua Fisher – Undergraduate lab aid (2017– 2018)            
Ardwan Mehaal – Undergraduate lab aid (Jan–May 2016)
Andrew Baker – MMG undergraduate researcher; co-mentored with Matt Comstock, MSU Physics (2015  – Dec 2017)
Andrew Brown – Undergraduate lab aid (Aug 2016-Aug 2017)    
Alex Grohalski – MMG undergraduate researcher (Aug 2014-Aug 2017)
Thilo Hamlisch – Visiting exchange student, Genetics program (Jan–May 2016)
Matthew Paxhia – Biosystems Engineering undergraduate researcher (Aug 2014-2016) 
Charlotte Thomas – Biosystems Engineering undergrad (Aug-Dec 2015)          
Sean Norton – Chemical Engineering undergrad (Aug 2014-May 2015)   
Jonathan Yang –   Lab aid (Aug  2014–Dec 2015)           
Sarah Tressede – MMG undergraduate researcher (Jan-May 2014)
Aycin Cen – Visiting exchange student, Genetics program (Jan–May 2014) 
Neha Reo – MMG undergraduate researcher (Jan–May 2013)            
Marvin Vann – Lab aid (Aug 2010-May 2014)
Derek Wooster – Undergrad lab aid (May 2014)
John Herdman – Undergraduate lab aid (May 2014)
Mike Paxhia – CNS professorial assistant, undergraduate researcher (Aug 2009–May 2013)
John Rotondo – CNS professorial assistant, undergraduate researcher (Aug 2010–May 2012)
Aycin Genc – Visiting exchange student, Genetics program (May 2013)
Carlos Salgado – MMG undergraduate researcher (Aug 2008–May 2011) Melissa Asher – CNS professorial assistant, MMG undergraduate researcher (Aug 2008–May 2011)
Annie Otwell – MMG undergraduate researcher (Aug 2008–Aug 2010)
Katie Boatman – DVM undergraduate student (Aug 2008)
Catherine Silva McNair – McNair/SROP summer scholar  (May–Aug 2007)

Laboratory technicians

Kwi Kim – Laboratory technician (Aug 2009)
Blair Bullard – Laboratory technician (Sep 2009)
Karl Hedderich – Laboratory technician (Aug 2007–Aug 2008)